Saturday, October 16, 2004

Liberal Paper In A Conservative Town

Living here in Tennessee allows me to be in a conservative area, but the fact is that the local newspaper, "The Tennessean" is quite liberal and really doesn't make a great attempt at hiding it. There was an article in the paper Friday about the flier that had Bush's face on a special needs kid's body. Yes the Tennessean actually covered it but devoted most of the article to the fact that the Democrats were calling it a dirty scheme by the Republicans. There was a good thing there at the very end of the article, stuck right where the liberals want it. It says, "James Mitchell, owner of the City Pawn Shop in downtown Ripley confirmed that he was the person who got a copy out of the trash. 'I went down there (Democratic HQ) and they admitted they were handing them out. I got one out of the trash can. I thought this is about as ridiculous as anything you ever heard of. The fact they're making fun of special kids, that's what offended me.' He said he took [the] copy to Dahl's campaign headquarters."

The next issue that made me twitch w/ repulse, Opinionist Molly Ivins. Obviously this old bat has never been out from under her rock, or had cable television. If she did, she would know why the FCC is not banning the showing of Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal. It's a documentary about Vietnam and Kerry's "honor" that he stole from the real heroes of Vietnam. She goes on, and on, and on, and on about how it's wrong that the right wing is showing this clearly Anti-Kerry "propaganda." Wll, I've got 2 words for you hag...Sundance Channel. Look into it. The fact that they've shown 10 1/2 hours of a blatantly anti-Bush/pro-Kerry concert tour, and the fact that the entire 24 hours before the election will show Anti-Bush television, and I would not be surprised IN THE LEAST if Fahrenheit 9/11 IS shown on TV. She also talks about how the Swift Vets have been "thoroughly discredited." Oh, so John Kerry merely saying, this is not true, along with his 3 "Vietnam pals" who only served with him for 1 DAY!. Oh the kicker? She reviewed the Winter Soldier testimonies and called them "honorable and patriotic." Yes, claiming the people who you worked alongside for only 4 months, we heathenistic savages then throwing away your medals is patriotic. That's about as patriotic as Kerry's relying on the service he obviously thought as dishonorable for the entire first half of his campaign.

The last thing from the Tennessean, the only thing I can blame them for is getting reports from The Washington Post. There's a tip off right there...Hmm, D.C...One of the most liberal cities in the country. I wonder how they're going to lean...But aside from that, they reported on how another 31 pages of Bush's guard records came up the other day. It says they had to do with his high altitude training just before he left piloting. They drag it out to sound like Bush was hiding them. Oh, I'm sorry, did they not have the kind of material you wanted? The Texas A.N.G. spokesman states that the reason the papers came up late was because they were disorganized and hard to find. And yet, does the Post report on the fact that Kerry is yet to release his Vietnam papers? Of course not! That would ruin their liberal baby!

One good thing about the area? The Conservative Review Appeal. I was reading through Wednesday's edition and came across the Conservative radio Show host Phil Valentine's piece Black Paradigm Shift May Blindside Democrats. He speaks about how the Democrats are taking the African American vote for granted and are starting to lose it. African Americans are starting to look at the people and actually as my dad put it, "seeing the bullshit that they are trying to pass as legit." Phil talks about how a Black woman called his show commenting about a comment he made. He talked to her for a bit and actually got her to pay attention to what Edwards was saying at the debate. She called back after the debate and this was her new outlook. "The following week, Amber called in about the vice presidential debate. She remarked that John Edwards talked about a ''plan'' for Iraq and a ''plan'' for the economy but produced no details of the ''plan.'' She was not impressed. She was, instead, struck by Dick Cheney's command of the issues and his straightforwardness." Then this was the clincher for me. Something that I've been looking for for ages.

"Why have so many blacks stayed with the Democrats for so long? Former Congressman J.C. Watts refers to government entitlements as the ''liberal plantation.'' Too many black Americans have been trapped on this liberal plantation and feel beholden to the Democrats for keeping the gravy train rolling.
There are two types of people who escape the trappings of this liberal plantation. There are those who break the shackles or who have rejected them all their lives. These are the J.C. Watts, the Colin Powells, the Clarence Thomases. Those too frightened to make a run for it call these people ''Uncle Toms.''
The others who escape the trappings become the foremen on the plantation. They crack the whip on those below them and keep them too scared to leave, becoming rich in the process. These are the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons. What these purveyors of fear don't realize is that there are a lot of people like Amber who now realize that the key to their happiness rests within themselves and not the government.

Other Stuff: This ad is HILARIOUS! I would love to see it played on the radio!