Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Armor Geddon

This is a neat Blog by some one who is on the front lines in Iraq. Notice on there the posts are from November, but are posted today. The reason I think that they do that? The lady who cuts my hair has a son in the Army Special Forces, and he's not allowed to say ANYTHING to ANYONE about what they've done for 6 months after the mission is complete, and even then he can only tell his family, and they can't tell anyone themselves. I think that this is the case for the soldiers in the armored division like this man. Except it looks like their silence is for 2 months or so before they can describe what they've done. But if you don't think that they are "Occupiers" rather than people trying to protect the citizens of Iraq, then check out this home-made rocket that they had to take care of.