Saturday, January 22, 2005

Back to Class

So classes started this past week and I have a decent schedule. It's 14 hours and 5 classes. The one I think I'm going to enjoy the most is my government class. I decided to take the class as an elective just because I love to study politics and any time I can get into a debate, I won't back down. The fun part of the class? The teacher is a left wing democrat, and isn't afraid to show her side. So that means that if I feel like it, I can chime in and pretty much shoot her down. She gave the tired liberal excuse of, "I supported the fact that we went in, but I don't like ht fact we're still there." That's liberal Lingo for admitting that Saddam was a tyrant and needed to be taken out, but wanting to use some kind of lovey dovey "Please leave" note and expecting him to follow it.

Also, my sister sent me a paper from an 11th grade student taking the SAT writing test. These are the kinds that you see Jay Leno making fun of late at night. It was supposed to be a position where you take ONE position on appreciating things. Not only did he take both sides in his paper, in one paragraph he openly straddles the line! I wrote back to my sister saying, "Haha it's the John Kerry of 11th grade English class. Showing that there are 2 sides to every fence.""