Thursday, January 06, 2005

It Was The Exit Polls!

Oh poppycot, just because an Exit Poll shows that a candidate "has the lead" doesn't mean that they are going to win. OK, suppose you take 100 people out of a city of 100,000, you aren't showing all of the votes, you are showing a sampling of the real thing. The fact is that you will likely get something resembling the actual results, but there are so many variables that you may end up far off. The Ohio Exit Polls took votes from 2,020 voters, out of 3.6 million people who voted. Folks that is 0.06% of the votes in the entire state, and you're going to tell me that that is going to be a correct sampling of the entire state?? It's outrageous to think that there aren't going to be discrepancies. But of course you can't convince liberals of that because after all, they think Exit Polls are 100% correct, and because they think that, there is no way in Hell that they can be proven wrong.