Monday, December 27, 2004

Awww Geez, He's At It Again

Well, Michael Moore's now trying to get his name back out there, but this time it's to attack the medical fields. The director of "documentaries" such as Roger & Me, Bowling for Columbine (Which got it's documentary title stripped away due to Moore's blatant biased and misleadings), and the now shredded Fahrenheit 9/11 is now going after Insurance companies, HMO's, and even going to tackle the FDA. Although the The Associated Press doesn't tell the basis of the new story , I would not be surprised if it's something that tries to sway the American people towards Kerry's idea of a socialized health care system.
If you want to know what I feel about Moore, I rank him at about the common sense of the people that believe the Earth is flat, and the conspiracy theorists like this that try to convince you that NASA is a fraud. Just to tell you how unreasonable some of these people are, here's a line fro the Flat Earth Society. "11. Does this fit in with the Hollow Earth theory?
Yes. Beneath the Earth, or hanging off the edges, is a land populated by either green-skinned women or Nazis. All those claiming to have seen this have misinterpreted it to fit in with the spurious and false Spherical Earth theory...

13. What about gravity?
Gravity is a lie invented by the purveyors of the inherently false spherical Earth theory. The theory of gravity has never been proven. There is no gravity, only inertia. The Earth moves through space like a giant elevator. We do not fall off because we are kept down by inertia. The Earth has inertia. There is a school of thought which states, however, that the Earth does not move through space, but rather that it rests on the back of a giant turtle, and that what we call gravity is, in fact, the turtle's animal magnetism.

And also, just for anyone who does believe that the moon landings were