Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Now What Kind Of Junk Is This?

Thanks to GOP and the City I learned of a recent event that occurred not even a mile from where I was wandering around in Nashville. There was a group of people protesting that the election results in Tennessee were tampered with. They claimed that although there was no doubt that Bush won TN, the margin of 16% seemed too much for them to handle. My GOODNESS PEOPLE! If you think about it, Tennessee's only Pro-Kerry areas are the larger cities like Memphis and Nashville. Is it really hard to believe that it could be a 58-42 victory for Bush?
Well anyways, I think it was funny that even though I was very close (less than a mile away) to the protesters, I couldn't hear them. Oh that's right because there were only a handful of people. There were only 75 people at the most (knowing the Tennesseean it was prolly more like 30) that were protesting the election results. And I agree that this is the 1% of people that regardless of what you show them, they will inevitably protest the election until Election day 2008, and if they don't get their way that time, they'll try desperately to find something else to gripe about. They're like the Al-Gore-we're-gonna-cry-all-night-and-day babies that could not let go of the fact that Gore lost. They are the people that campaigned the whole "re-defeat Bush" campaign but as the election showed...Bush won AGAIN!