Thursday, December 16, 2004

Osama Releases Tape...and TTU Releases Grades

Well, Osama is back in the news with a possible new tape, and I got my grades for this semester and I will admit that I'm a bit upset at how I did.

An Audio tape was sent out that contained a familiar voice. The tape was recently released on an Islamic Militant website and although it is of poor quality, it has almost if not truly identical traits to the previous videos with the wanted terrorist. The tape praised the attacks on a US Consulate in Saudi Arabia, and condemning the Saudi Government. And you know, all of this coming from a man who is hiding in a hole some where in the mountains too scared to face the people he hates. You hear of all these people killing themselves in his name, and yet he sits there and hides from his own words. You know I hope there comes a day when the people who he tries to rally up realize, "Hey, you're a pansy. We're not fighting for you anymore. You can fight your own dang Jihad."

So yes, as of Tuesday at about 4:30PM I was done with class for the semester. I was hoping that I would do better than I did. I ended up with a 2.5 GPA for the semester. That equates to 3 B's and a D. And it's not like I got a D in my Engineering Mechanics class. No, it was American Lit. And that just hacks me off. That pulls my cumulative from a 2.86 to a 2.77. I mean granted it's decently high for being in Mechanical Engineering, but it makes me feel like I'm nothing. I mean I know all my friends that are in things like Accounting, or Art, or Sociology, and they're like "Yeah, I got a 3.8 this semester. That one B in my Math 1310 (My Calc 3 was Math 2110) dropped me down from a 4.0." I'm sure that I wouldn't be as upset if it weren't for the fact that it's guaranteed that I'm going to lose the Lottery scholarship that was just given out to the students who graduated in my class. I had the scholarship for 1 semester, but even though I'm taking a very difficult major, they don't look at that.

Oh well, semester's over and it's time to relax, sit down, and listen to Rush and Hannity to find out what the Loony Left will do next. Oh and Happy birthday to my mother, b/c it's tomorrow.