Monday, February 28, 2005

Madison Man Changes Middle Initial

You know every time I hear people talking about leaving the US because of elections, I can't help but chuckle because none of them actually do it. Well, about a week ago I stumbled across a story that just barely got 5 minutes of air-time. It was a story about a man in Madison who decided after Bush won the 2004 election that he was going to change his middle name from Wayne to Sigurd, just for the lone reason of not having his middle initial be W.

"His friends thought it was great. Most of them, anyhow. "I'm not a crazy person," Langetieg said. "It's just the guy isn't honest. I didn't do this for any kind of recognition, anyway. I did it for my own satisfaction.""

In my opinion, if I changed my middle initial for something like that, I think my great grandfather would roll over in his grave, point his rear end up out of the ground, and in a dream tell me to come kiss it for being so stupid and irrational.