Friday, February 11, 2005

Intelligence = Liberalism?

That's the notion that left wing liberals are trying to push onto people as correct thinking. There is a picture I've seen that shows state average IQ levels voted for John Kerry, and the states with lower IQ levels voted for Bush.
Places like are the main proponents of this idea of thinking. However, despite their best attempts, this is merely a hoax set up by the creator of the website ChrisEvans3D.

The statements made by these people are thoroughly debunked by Steve Sailor and his site,

I also came across some insightful information in my American Government textbook (Government by the People, National Version, 12th Edition) that shows just the opposite. A study done by the University of Michigan shows that as you gain a higher degree, you float more towards Conservatism. Here are the scores.
For Moderates...
Education Level: Percentage
Less than High School: 80%
High School:66%
Some College: 43%
Bachelor's Degree: 34%
Advanced Degree: 39%

For Liberals...
Less than High School: 9%
High School:11%
Some College: 25%
Bachelor's Degree: 21%
Advanced Degree: 20%

Now that seems pretty convincing, 20%, that's pretty high. But then you have to put in the Conservatives...
Less than High School: 11%
High School:23%
Some College: 32%
Bachelor's Degree: 44%
Advanced Degree: 41%

How bout them apples?

Update: My liberal teacher tried to state that there was a link between high amounts of education and liberalism. I mentioned the graph above, and that highly educated Conservatives outweigh educated Liberals 2-1 (since it was in our textbook) and she politely bowed down and corrected herself. Kudos Dr. Whitney.