Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Milestone X2

GOP and College is now reaching the 2,000 hit mark! I've had people visiting from all over the United States (15 different states in the past 100 hits), and countries such as Japan, Germany, Sweeden, the UK, and many others.
Although the 2nd thousand took far longer than the October swarm from entries like Hamster Gone Bad, and Kerry Putting the "Lie" in Flier that pushed the site over the initial 1,000 point, I am happy that my hits are still going up, even though the political blog stocks are going down.
And while I'm on the topic of Blogs on the market, GOP and College is still a publically traded blog on Blogshares!

Also read here to see why GOP stands for Grand OLD Party. (No it's not a joke about the member's age)

New Blog of the week - Everything I Know Is Wrong

Update: Major kudos to MofLWL for the link to GOP and College.