Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Colleges Funding Their Own Agenda

It's a well known fact that college professors have increasingly become more liberal through time. This seems to be one of the strongest anchor points that Libs have on the nation, and it's only getting stronger. But why is that? Is it just that more liberals than conservatives want to be professors? Or could it be that the colleges themselves are actually behind the shift? Brain Terminal has a section about how Bucknell University has been possibly using student tuition money to fund groups such as Bucknell's Women's Resource Center, which I would hear that and think something like a Women's Clinic, or possibly someplace as a source of information for Women's health and other things. But no, it's a politically motivated Feminist group that actually went to Washington DC to protest the Bush Administration. It also hosts "Feminist Fridays" around campus.

From Brain-Terminal
"Last I checked, feminism was a political ideology, and it isn't one to which all women subscribe. There are also plenty of women who call themselves feminists who don't consider themselves leftists, but it seems the Women's Resource Center isn't interested in providing equal service to them. When some female students saw that the WRC was in the business of arranging trips to political protests, they asked for similar help setting up a trip to a rally with a different political philosophy. The students were turned down. Feminism is supposed to be about allowing women to make choices, but apparently there are some choices the WRC doesn't want women to make, such as how to think politically."

I've noticed it here at Tech, especially in the honors program. The program borders blatantly teaching secular humanism and partially demeaning organized religion. The teachers tend to preach from their own soap box and if you either disagree or prove them wrong, you will be mocked for your "lack of intellect."