Monday, October 10, 2005

HWC Football League - Week 5 Recap

It's Tuesday morning, so here at the GOP and College HQ I'm giving you a recap of this week's events in The Hot Wing Conspiracy Football League.

Well, this week I have a 1 in the loss column. I banked on the Cowboys getting blown away by Philly, but quite the opposite came up. Westbrook was stuffed for the second week in a row, and the if the Philly defense hadn't picked up a fumble and run it to the endzone, they may have been in the negative for points. Even though Brett Favre threw for 215 yards and 3 TD's with no sacks, picks, or fumbles, I couldn't overcome RFTR. Here's some reasons why...
*My team*
- Chris Brown got 78 yards, but a touchdown in the game was called back on a holding call, dropping him below 80 yards, and no scores. (3 points instead of a possible 10)
- Mike Anderson got a whole 34 yards against the Redskinds, Back-up Bell racked up 127 yards and 2 scores (Anderson - 1 pt, Bell - 18 points)
* RFTR *
- Even though Curtis Martin only got 59 yards, that included 2 Touchdowns. (14 points)
- Indianapolis tore into San Fran only allowing 3 points, getting 5 sacks, a fumble, and 4 picks, with one being returned for a touchdown. (28 Points)
- Anquan Boldin racked up 158 yards and a score but if it hadn't been for a fumble, he could have had higher. (11 points)

*Slaughtering of the Weekend*
Shortbus All-stars - 23
The Gunfighters - 79

With 5 players getting no points, and the highest score a 7, All-Stars didn't have a prayer.

T(v)RWC Giants - 47
The Blue Balls - 40

I've shipped a bag of ice up to New York to give to my brother for losing this one. Giants went in with no Running backs, and no kicker, and they still won it by 7. Blue Balls ended up with 3 players getting no points in their games, and the highest scorers being Jeff Wilkins and the Chicago defense at 8 a piece.

*David And Goliath*
Bentley Fonzworth - 62
webcats - 62

Even though Bently has scored 363 points in 5 weeks (45 over now 1st place RFTR), he could only muster up a tie against the now 0-4-1 webcats. McNabb's performance against the Cowboys killed this game, getting -6 points.

*Nailbiter of the Week*
The beMuse - 57
bRight & Early - 54

With Brian Griese getting -4 points, it was up to the Dallas Defense to pull this one out for Muse.

This week shook up the standings a bit, and there is still a 3 team pack at 3-2-0. RFTR took over my crown, and The Gunfighters jumped to 3rd. I fell to 2nd, Bentley fell from 3rd to 6th with his tie, and Blue Balls stayed put in 7th after a disappointing loss to the Giants.

And of Course, in the ongoing are your preliminary Yahoo! Vegas lines for week 6
*visitor - spread - home* victor in bold

bRight&Early - 9 - Pulaski Rednecks
webcats - 5 - The Blue Balls
T(v)RWC - 6 - RFTR
Shortbus All-Stars - 18 - The beMuse
Bentley Fonzworth - 7 - The Gunfighters

Keep checking back as I will update them most every morning.

I will post my predictions on the games Wednesday morning.