Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week 4 Recap

I'm posting my thoughts of this weeks Fantasy games in The Hot Wing Conspiracy. This week The Pulaski Rednecks (my undefeated team) played my brother's team, The Blue Balls, in a gridiron spectacular that came down to the last second...almost. The game started off with me in high hopes as the point spread was a generous 6 point victory to me. The game started off fair with a few of my receivers finding endzone, but the big disappointment (or so I thought) was benching Denver QB Jake Plummer. He threw for a lousy 136 yards, but in that found the endzone twice and all without getting picked. Torry Holt and J. Galloway lifted the team, which made up for the fact that Westbrook, my star back got stuffed for a total of 48 combined passing and rushing yards. I began to get worried as the ball started to shift to the other court and I saw that Marvin Harrison, as well as a few others began to get rolling. Mike Vick came on and within the first 5 minutes, he'd found endzone, and I got scared, since all I had left was a very unreliable Brett Favre and that was the game last night.
Fortunately though, both backs had lousy shows, St. Louis managed to lose points, and Vick was pulled from the game in the 2nd Quarter. I checked my scores Sunday night and saw that I was ahead 50-47 with all of the players used, except Favre. I played the safe route and benched Favre to insure my 4-0 status, and went to bed content both nights.

Side note: Favre threw for 300+ yards, 4 TD's, lost one fumble, and was sacked only once, which amounted to +28 points, had he been in it would have been a blowout at 78-47.

Currently I hold the crown in the league, but next week's matchup will be the clash of the titans as I face off against RFTR where some one will walk away with a loss. Here's how Yahoo! predicts the match-ups for next week. The set-up is, Visitor - Points spread - Home *Victor in bold* PLACE YOUR BETS!!

*Updated Spreads 10-6 at 11:30 AM CDT*
RFTR (4-0) - 12 - Pulaski Rednecks (4-0)
T(v)RWC Giants (2-2)- 20 - The Blue Balls (2-2) (Before Bye Week adjustments, Could Swing to Giants by 6)
The beMuse (2-2) - 13 - bRight & Early (1-3)
Bently Fonzworth (2-2) - 6 - Webcats (0-4)
Shortbus Allstars (1-3) - 23 - The Gunfighters (2-2)

My Picks:
RFTR - 55
Pulaski Rednecks 63
Favre in N'awlens, Anderson in DC, and Westbrook in Dallas will carry the team to a win for me

T(v)RWC Giants - 58
The Blue Balls - 65
The possibility of T.O. being out, and Joe Horn Questionable will be the Giant's demise

The beMuse - 75
bRight & Early - 35
With Bruce still out, and no Tight End for bRight, Muse will dominate in a slaughtering

Bently Fonzworth - 78
Webcats - 55
Without a gem in Jackson, and Roethisburger in San Diego, this one could be closer than expected

Shortbus Allstars - 40
The Gunfighters - 75
With Hasselbeck OWNING the Rams, Gunfighters will dominate