Friday, September 23, 2005

How Do You Piss Off A Liberal?

The liberal "newspaper" NewsDay has a poll, which I guarantee was meant to sway left, and the resuts of it are incredibly one sided. Here's the question.

"Freedom Center backers say it will help people understand 9/11 sacrifices. Victims’ families say controversy surrounding the museum will dishonor the dead. Do you think it belongs at the WTC site?"

An almost unanimous result is that people do NOT feel like the memorial should be there since it is more than likely going to be giant guilt trip stating how the United States was responsible for, and deserved the attacks on 9/11.

As of 8:45 AM:
There are only 75 people who feel like it will bea "learning tool."
There are 5114 people who feel that it would be a disgrace to the people who died or sacrificed their lives to help save others
There are 36 people who are undecided.

Hat Tip: GOP and the City