Tuesday, October 18, 2005

HWC Week 6 Recap, Week 7 Preview

Wow, talk about hitting a slump. First he lost to a team that had 3 players on a bye week, now he lost to the formerly LAST PLACED team. I may have had a bad week, but my opponent had even worse. The 100 point mark WAS broken as I said it might. And the League leader almost lost his undefeated mark. Let's take a look.

Biggest WTF of the week:
T(v)RWC GIANTS BENCHED PAYTON MANNING???!!! Can I ask what the HECK ARE YOU THINKING? The #1 QB in the league and he BENCHES him for his younger ROOKIE brother? Wow, talk about a waste. The game ended in a 67-57 victory for RFTR, but playing without team partisanship (and any common sense) would have given Giants a 70-67 victory.

Biggest Loser:
Of course, it's going to be The Blue Balls. In a wretched 62-54 loss, The Blue Balls lost to the previously last placed team, and continue a massive break-down. If it hadn't been for Jackson getting 9 points, Blue Balls would have pulled it out.

Greatest Comeback:
The Muse riding on the back of Edgaren (sp?) James and his 25 point game pulled off a Monday night win vs. Shortbus 68-55. I saw that coming with Indy against one of the NFL's worst defenses.

Record Breaker:
As I suggested in my preview, one of the teams broke the century mark. Bentley got 100 points even, but a swap of Warrick Dunn for TJ Duckett would have given him an impressive 111 points in the 100-62 victory over the 2nd highest scoring team, The Gunfighters.

My Game:
There wasn't much to Brag about in my 48-22 victory over bRight&Early. Trent Dilfer was held for -12 points, and that pretty well trumped Priest Holmes 17 point game.

The standings took some hits. Gunfighters fell from 3rd to 5th, Giants fell to 6th, Shortbus and bRight & Early fell one each to 9th and 10th. Upward movers were Muse up 2 to 3rd, Bentley up 2 to 4th, and webcats up 2 to 8th. RFTR and myself stayed put at 1 & 2.

And now, for the YAHOO! Projected Scores. (Vegas Lines) MIND YOU THESE ARE NOT MY PREDICTIONS!!!!

My predictions will be up tomorrow morning when I've had time to research the matchups.

The Muse - 10 - Pulaski Rednecks
The Gunfighters - 8 - The Blue Balls
webcats - 2 - RFTR
T(v)RWC Giants - 10 - bRight & Early
Shortbus All-Stars - 27 - Bentley Fonzworth

Also, as promised, I am naming myself as new commisioner of the league.