Wednesday, October 12, 2005

HWC Week 5 Picks

It's Wednesday and as promised, Here are some updated Vegas lines, as well as my picks on this week's matchups.

Start off with the big guns.
Bentley Fonzworth - 7 - The Gunfighters

This will be an all out slobber-knocker as the 2 biggest scoring teams go at it. I think that even though Gunfighters are projected to win, I feel like Bentley will pull it out thanks to Alexander and Jurevicius. Look for Tampa's defense to rack up some big points as well. this could very well be a 100 point game for one of these teams. Bentley with the win, 87-76

bRight&Early - 9 - Pulaski Rednecks

Of course I'm going against Vegas on this one. They're showing Davis as a 10 point game, but I don't think he will even be close. He'll be lucky to get 3 points. Bruce is still out and Bulger against the Indy defense will be shut down. Rednecks on top, 65-40

webcats - 18 - The Blue Balls
If Blue Balls can't win this, I'm euserping as commish. Blue Balls win, 70-35

T(v)RWC - 7 -RFTR
Dallas shut down Westbrook and McNabb last week, so I don't think the Giants will be able to overcome the stopping power of the Cowboys. RTRF, 60-48

Shortbus All-Stars - 28 - The Muse
I think Muse is actually under-scored in the prediction. Griese and Dallas are going to have big games, so look for this to be the Blow Away of the week. Muse, 80-35