Saturday, December 17, 2005

Can You Smell Gun Smoke?

Well, if this doesn't look like a smoking gun than I don't know what would. All the democrats claim to be Pro-Religion (and most "practice" Christianity), but with things like removing Christmas Trees, and other Christian symbols while leaving Menorahs, seems to portray a different story.
Now, Democrats slipped even farther by selling a Christian Fish magnet with a cross for an eye, flames and the word "HYPOCRITE" inside the fish on the Washington State Democrats website (screenshot seen here). And the excuse for the selling of this?

Paul Berendt, the state Democratic chairman, said he was surprised to find the item advertised on the Web site. He told The Seattle Times the magnet was not properly vetted and was removed from the party's site after less than 48 hours.
He apologized for offending anyone, and called the item embarrassing. "We didn't sell any of them, and we're not going to," Berendt said.

The magnet is copyrighted by a pot-smoking girl at Reefer Magnets and comes on a card with very demeaning words towards Christians. She advocates smoking more hemp to become more peaceful (even though smoking hemp doesn't do anything because it has almost no THC), and claims that hemp seed oil can be used like crude oil (at a rate of 50lb of flowers, not just the whole plant, per OUNCE of oil). This item is also sold on a site called evolveFISH which demeans Christians in almost everything they sell.

And an apology from the WA Democrat's site? Of course not. It's like it never happened.

As for more anti-Christian liberalism around the Christmas holidays, read a VERY good article here

Hat Tip: Delta Mike Charlie