Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where Have They Gone?

I was recently assigned to do a "Precision Guided Humor Assignment" from The Alliance to make up a review of Sheehan's new book. Instead of trolling for hours to go on and on about how horrible the book was, and how all it did was restate the same "Bush is evil," "Bush lied," and other tired excuses she gave, I just took other people's reviews. And then, those reviews started disappearing. Currently the "oldest" one star review is dated Nov. 29th...I posted my "review" on the 24th. Alternately, the 5 star ratings have all stayed.

Once again, your snooping GOP and College has uncovered a liberal's failed attempts at covering their tracks.
This is a review from J. L. Larsen dated November 20th, 2005
"I was appalled at the shallow, stupid, predictable, and libelous slop written by the first several reviewers of this book. They certainly have all of the right wing talking points down; after all, their only 'defense' is to smear those who disagree with them. They can't argue on the facts, they aren't open to any type of reasonable discussion. They just regurgitate more Bush lies. Quit attacking Ms. Sheehan and other patriotic Americans who are questioning this war of lies and talk about the issues."

HOWEVER, as you can see, all the "FIRST" entries were 5 star entries, supporting the book. The "first 1 star review" was not until Nov. 29th written by L. White saying,
"I think we've all watched enough news coverage to have witnessed Cindy Sheehan's transformation from grieving mother to tool of leftist groups. It is a shame that so many people have no problem with this poor woman being taken advantage of by people for their own interests. They provide her with PR people who don't have her best interest in mind and have no problem with ordinary Americans coming to see her as less of a grieving mother and more of an unstable radical. Even sadder is how Amazon removes any poor reviews and leaves up reviews by people stating they haven't even read the book."

Question for Amazon, If the book is so good, why are you having to cut the price 32% 2 weeks after it's release? Mark another company up on the BUSTED list.

*Update* There had been as many as ten 1 star reviews, and I thought that Amazon had stopped blooming the reviews of the book, but they again started to delete them. However they did wise up slightly, leaving the first bad review there, but they left their tell-tale hate post up that I mentioned above. I guess the books rating got too low, so they had to boost it back up. It was down to 4 stars last night and was falling fast.

And look at another review that I just discovered, from a kid that, since it was a 5 star review, they kept it up.

"Look out Cindy. The Freepers are here. , November 28, 2005
A Kid's Review
Look at all the one-star reviews (not that they bothered to read the book) and vicious attacks on a war mom. Right wingers are real tough guys.
I give it 5 just to negate the Freepers in action. They'll spend time to give a negative book review.
I wonder if they bothered to devote half as much time to supporting our troops with letters/packages, etc."

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