Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Blondes Of Canines

I've always wondered about the intelligence of show dogs. They seem to me like the dumb blondes of the canine world. Look Who's Talking Now took to the view of dogs, and the main characters are a gruff, street smart mutt, and a very prissy over done poodle who is afraid to even get her feet muddy. I think that Westminster this year proves that show dogs really aren't all that bright.

This is the dog, Ch. Bohem C'est La Vie, aka "Vivi" The dog's crate was about to be loaded onto the plane when I guess the workers thought, "Wow, this is light for a dog," and took a peek inside. Immediately afterwards they told the owner the dog was not in the crate. A helicopter has been called in to search for the dog, and the dog has a chip implanted under her skin with her owner's info...But I think the biggest give-away will be the black wool coat the dog is wearing.

As a dog owner myself, I hope for the dog to be found, but I have words of wisdom for the dog's master:
"Once a stray, always a stray."

It's hard to get a dog to stay once it's gotten the urge to run.