Monday, February 20, 2006

Ricky Williams' Favorite Saying

Apparently it's "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." And his favorite way to use that saying? Trying to pass drug tests after smoking weed.

Ricky Williams failed a drug test for the fourth time, in just 7 years. He entered the NFL in 1999, and since then had 3 previous drug tests fail due to Marijuana and then came the infamous "Retirement-On-A-Whim" in 2004, which he was fined $8.6 million for a breach of contract, but is yet to pay a dime for that. He then decided that he needed more money, and came back to the Miami Dolphins, which was where he failed the third test, forcing him to sit out, unpaid for 4 games.

This time it may be a full 1 year suspension if it does come out that he failed the test due to drugs. Reports also say that he may have just missed the test, but either way, it is still a violation of the policy, and will result in the same penalty. Source - ESPN

My poor brother chose Williams in The Hot Wing Conspiracy Football League, and it helped to drag him down to about 7th place of 10.

Which reminds me!

Hot Wing Conspiracy BASEBALL is still open! As of today, there are only 11 of 20 spots taken. I have asked my brother (the commish) that if there are a full 20 teams, that we split the league into divisions, since there are only 6 teams allowed into the main playoffs, and the rest are in a "Consolation" Playoff.

Just click the picture to go to Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball!

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And more! One question though:
"Where's Wyatt?"