Monday, March 13, 2006

Have You Ever Wondered?

I see a lot of liberals out there who are actually libertarians. The term liberal has changed since the first days of our government over 225 years ago. Back then, liberal meant free from government intervention. A "live and let live" philosophy that has come to be the call sign of the almost uber-right wing, the Libertarians.

So I have some questions for liberals.

Do you think that people should be able to make decisions on their own without government intervention?

Do you think that people should be allowed to keep money from their accomplishments?

Do you think that the government should be kept small, so it doesn't become overpowering?

If you answered yes to all of these, then why are you a liberal? Liberals answer no to every one of those questions. They believe that a large government is needed to control the population, and that money you make should be distributed to everyone else.

Another mistake that has been geared towards hurting the right is the political spectrum. A true political spectrum is not an X-Y plot, as many places show, but a one dimensional line. On the right you have people who believe in an ever smaller government, leading to the absolule limit of the right wing, Anarchists. On the left you have ever increasing government intervention, which at the ultra far left limit, is FASCISM. Yes, I SAID IT! FASCISM IS THE DISOWNED CHILD OF THE LEFT-WING!

Fascism is total government control. It is farther left than Liberalism, Communism, and even Socialism. It is THE ABSOLUTE LEFT WING.

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