Friday, April 07, 2006

NASCAR Shows Their Teeth

In a very bitter article at NASCAR's home page, they quite essencially "Lay The Smack Down" on the producers of NBC's Dateline. Some exerpts:

"By its own admission NBC News was so "intrigued by the results of a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll and other articles regarding increasing anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States" that it decided to make the news, rather than merely report.
...It's hard to imagine that NBC News would try to entrap fans in a ploy to make its Dateline segment juicier. But apparently the network did just that; NBC did not deny its actions when confronted by NASCAR.
...While NBC News is at it, why not send a few Kluxers into the infield at Talladega? Talk about being short-sheeted by the end of the night.
...NBC News should know that NASCAR isn't the last bastion of redneck; the people at NBC Sports thought so much of NASCAR -- and its diverse fan base -- that it chipped in with TNT to spend $1.2 billion for broadcast rights the past six years."

And as PCD pinted out in a previous comment, Dateline has been caught in it's own lies before. NASCAR also points it out in this article, again on their site, saying, "Dateline NBC also has been criticized in the past. In 1992, it aired a critical story about fuel tanks on a brand of pickup trucks, using video of the tanks exploding on impact. However, the network later apologized for using toy rockets to ignite the explosion."

I do believe the word "pwned" would fit the situation about now.