Thursday, March 30, 2006

GOP and College Caption Contest 6

And now, here are the winners of the Upside Down Democrats Caption Contest!

10) "Democrats have a firm grip on how to handle National Security...." - DWB

9) Once again Nancy shows the world that They have things wrong again. - Sgt. Fluffy

8) As per usual, the Democrat Party's perspective on National Security issues (or anything else for that matter) is once again revealed to be upside down and backwards for all the world to see! - Mr. Right

7) Once again the NY Times gets a photo wrong by printing it up sidedown. Actually Pelosi was hanging from the ceiling like the bat she truly is! - Maggie

6) Upside Down Cut-N-Run DNC Cake recipe! mmmmYummy! - Michael

5) "We have a plan... we think. It appears to be written in some unknown ancient dialect, but we have the world's foremost linguistic expert, Dr. Daniel Jackson of the SGC, working on a translation as we speak." - Mr. Right

4) April Fool's Day arrived early on Capitol Hill. - Maggie


- Rodney Dill


"But wait...who is that lurking in the background? Karl Rove! That bastard was behind this all along." - The Man

And the winner:

Nanci Pelosi is determined to regain her title of "Democrat Dumbass of the Week" from Debbie Stabenow, but Pelosi chose to be a cheapskate and skip the posterboard. - PCD

Other Photoshopped Entries:

While Nancy was warned years ago about LSD Flashbacks, she never really experienced one until now. - John Roper

- The Man

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