Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You Know NASCAR Is Big When...

You know NASCAR is big when a rained out race has more coverage than the NFL Draft, the Final round of a PGA Tournament, The NHL Playoffs, and 2 NBA Playoff games.

NASCAR drew 4.5 million viewers with their coverage at the rained out Aaron's 499 on Sunday April 30th. Not only is that awesome, but what else is great, is that this was the second time that a rained out NASCAR Nextel Cup Race was the highest rated sport event of the weekend.

That reminds me. I have some great pictures from the Atlanta Dragway from the Summit Racing Equipment Southern Nationals. It was great fun, and I'm glad I got to watch the big 7,000 horsepower dragsters fly down the track at over 300 miles per hour. If you're lucky, I may put some pictures on the page.