Tuesday, May 02, 2006

HWC Week 4 Recap

GOP and the City has the Week 4 Recap of the Hot Wing Conspiracy Baseball League. I was actually pretty upset at the score for my game this week. Even though after my first two weeks of losing, with a great week last week, I'm upset because even though I was up I believe 8-3 Sunday morning, I could only muster up a 6-6 tie for the week. Well, I'm now up to 8th in the standings, so I am continuing my climb to the playoffs. I have my eyes set on the post season!

Also, I like the addition of the MVP stat for the Weekly recap. I think I will add it when I do the recap for week 5.

One thing though that The Man left out are the matchups for this week, but fear not! I have them here!

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