Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Stuff

OK, so last week I showed what I would like to have, and now I'm going to show you what I DO have.

This is my Syindicate Misfit. I haven't done anything to the gun itself, but I have a Halo TSA (Frontman), an Air America 68 ci/4500psi air tank with a Dye Rhino II cover, and a 14" one piece JT USA barrel.

I was planning on using a small bit of money from my job to pay for things like a new barrel, a larger drop forward, and if I could find it a new, faster trigger. But considering the fact that since I've been working I've only played a handful of times (mostly due to the lack of a field, the cold, and seeing the College-ette). Also, I have been debating just caving, and getting a Smart Parts Ion, or since they're so cheap, a Nerve. But I will go into detail about those later.

And just for kicks...here's a picture of me sliding with my gun. This picture was about a year before the picture of just the gun. I was prepping for the tournament in Madison, GA, and was using a friend's tank, but everything else one the gun was mine.

Mmm..and Jimmy's got a Desert Eagle...or as us Counter-Strike nerds know it...The Deagle. Tasty.