Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Tribute

It's important to remember all of our past, present, and future service men in our nation's military. My family has a pretty rich heritage of military members.

Both of my grandfathers served in the military. On my dad's side in the Army, and on my mom's side in the Navy in World War 2.
My brother's dad was a marine in the Vietnam War. The college-ette's dad was a pilot in the Army I believe for many years, and it's always a pleasure to listen to him talk about his service (as well as political thoughts which we agree on quite a lot). Somewhere back in my lineage I've been told is Ulysses S. Grant, and if I'm not mistaken, on my brother's side is the great Robert E. Lee.
Aside from the past I have many friends who have joined the service, or are about to go into it. My best friend who I've known all but the first year or so of my entire life is on an Air Force Scholarship and will be serving in the blue after he graduates. One of the guys I play paintball with left last week to go to summer training for the Army. Another guy I used to play paintball with is going to the Air Force Academy in Colorado. A very close friend of mine just left for Air Force Basic Training on Tuesday, and even the lady who cuts my hair is tied to the military. Her son is in the Army stationed in Iraq.

Countless members of friends and family are in the nation's military fighting for the very thing that these people exercise to defame and insult our troops.

And those people are the very same ones who will be at the head of the line to say "Today, we remember our troops."