Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good Old Liberal Distortion

"$70,500.Average gross per screen for An Inconvenient Truth over the holiday weekend, the highest average in the nation."

The REAL statistics:
Inconvenient Truth
  • Played on only 4 Theaters in the entire country
  • Grossed a total of $281,330 for the entire weekend
  • I count that as a box office FLOP.

X-Men 3
  • Played on 3,690 Theaters nationwide
  • Netted $27,845 PER THEATER
  • Grossed over $102 MILLION DOLLARS.
  • The highest ever opening for a holiday weekend.

And one of the comments from the page:
"'I am a very educated individual with an MBA'
Ha, that’s an oxymoron. We fire people with MBAs all the time. A degree doesn’t make you smart."
You know, that's funny because Liberals everywhere try to pull off that they are smarter than everyone because they have those high degrees