Thursday, June 01, 2006

Inconvenient Update

Remember the liberal distortionism I reported on about A Convenient Truth's Opening Weekend making just over $70,000 per all 4 of the theaters it played in.

Here's another bit about that.
The average cost per ticket at those 4 theaters?
$11 PER TICKET! I thought it was outrageous that the theater by my parents was $7.75 per ticket.

Let's see then, take $70,332, and divide it by $11 per ticket. All of 6,394 people per theater. That about 25,575

X-3, let's say averaged about $8 per ticket (some at the $11/ticket, others as low as $5/ticket). That means from the $102 MILLION the movie made, that makes for over 12.84 MILLION PEOPLE who went to go see it.

Yeah...Inconvenient Truth was a reeeeeal hit....