Sunday, July 30, 2006

AP Finally Hints At Hezbollah Wrong-Doing

It took 2 weeks, but the Associated Press finally hinted at what bloggers have known for quite some time; That Hezbollah is trying to use their own civilians as "human shields.
"Israel said Hezbollah had fired more than 40 rockets from Qana before the airstrike, including several from near the building that was bombed.
At a news conference in Tel Aviv Sunday night, military officers showed aerial footage taken two days ago of Katyushas being fired in proximity to houses in Qana, and of a Katyusha launcher firing missiles and then being driven into Qana and hidden inside a house.
Foreign Ministry official Gideon Meir accused Hezbollah of "using their own civilian population as human shields."
Israel said residents of Qana had been warned to leave. On Thursday, the Israeli military's Al-Mashriq radio that broadcasts into southern Lebanon warned residents their villages would be "totally destroyed" if missiles were fired from them. Leaflets with similar messages were dropped in some areas Saturday.

But don't let that fool you. The stories have been hot and heavy playing Israel as the bad guy. And don't forget the fact that Israel has suffered over 1,200 civilian injuries due to Hezbollah's careless firing of rockets into civilian areas, as I pointed out earlier.

And just a question to AP, Reuters, AFP, and everyone else:
What happened in the 8 hours between when the building was hit (midnight), and when it collapsed (8AM)? And why weren't those civilians evacuated?