Friday, July 14, 2006

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Israel has been crapped on for too long, and Lebanon now knows exactly how pissed one oppressed country can become. It appears that Israel is not backing down one bit.

And of course, leave it to the French to cry foul.
"French President Jacques Chirac said Israel's actions were "totally disproportionate" but also condemned Hezbollah's attacks. He implicitly suggested that Syria and Iran might be playing a role in the expanding crisis."

So let's see, Israel has been the victim of countless bombings in the Gaza Strip, the victim of unrelenting cartoon, verbal, and pther abuse from the Muslims in that area for centuries, and they are "over-reacting?"

The Main target of the attacks, Hezbollah, is an Islamic militant group that SHOULD have been disbanded by the Lebanese government but was not, and has even gotten a foot-hold in the Parliament there.

From Wikipedia:
However, as it initiates attacks against civilians in Israel and also ideologically supports such attacks by other organizations, such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas, several international organizations, including the EU, and many governments, including the United States, have designated it a terrorist organization.
...The continued existence of Hezbollah's military wing after 1990 violates the Taif Agreement that ended the Lebanese civil war, which requires the "disbanding of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias" and requires the government to "deploy the Lebanese army in the border area adjacent to Israel." The Lebanese government did not try to disarm the Hezbollah during the 1990-2000 period, justifying its position by the fact that Hezbollah was a legitimate national resistance force, fighting for the liberation of the south, then occupied by Israel. - Wikipedia

The Israeli soldiers have moved out, but Hezbollah still remains. And that, along with the hostages that were taken, are why Israel is right in their actions.