Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Malkin Discovers New Liberal Class, Fauxtography

New York Times is at it again, distorting the news, and portraying people as victims, when in fact they either plainly are not, or they deserve to be seen as something much worse. Malkin points out that our now good friend, Adnan Hajj, not only "retouches his photos for dust," but he also violates Reuters "staged photo" policy. Just look at the picture that made the cover of U.S. News and World Report.
The picture is captioned as "Hezbollah fighter near Beirut," but upon closer inspection, the burning object behind the fighter is nothing more than a burning garbage dump, filled withappliances, chars, junk, but mainly tires. And anyone who knows one of the unfortunate side affects of vulcanizing rubber knows exactly how tires are disposed of. BY BURNING THEM!
Chances are this set of tires was lit by whoever owns the landfill, and Hajj decided that it would look like a nice piece of "destruction."