Monday, August 07, 2006

Liberals Love More Photoshop

Put another mark up there for liberals being busted for distorting the truth. a reuters photographer has recently been caught photoshopping at least 2 pictures of damage in the Lebanon/Israel war. Reuters has since fired the photographer, and removed all 920 of the photog's images since he bagean working there.

On top of that, Reuters has been noted of using pictures from a previous date as "current pictures" as reported on Ynet News.

Doctored Image 1 - Notice the obvious repeating patern in the smoke. LGF has a possible original image. Notice the dramatic change in damage.

Doctored Image 2 - Image was captioned as "An Israeli F-16 warplane fires missiles during an air strike on Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon, August 2, 2006. (LEBANON)" When in actuality, the image is of a flare being dropped, the "bombs" were faked, and the other flares were mere copies of the original.

Ace says it best with this:
"This isn't mere negligence. This is wilfull blindness approaching connivance with co-conspirators.
If this crap gets by the MSM, what credibility do they have left? If I want speculation, bias, and doctored photos passed off as genuine, why not just read blogs?"

Liberals Love Photoshop
Liberals Love Photoshop Pt. 2