Monday, July 31, 2006

Mexican Left PIss Off Workers

The Left Wing Whiners in Mexico City have done more than just protested. As usual, leftist protesters gathered, and disregarded the consequences of their actions when they essentially shut down the city.

The several thousand demonstrators did not close down buildings so workers were allowed into their offices, but the occupation caused long delays for many commuters. Some were furious.
"I had to cancel a breakfast where I was going to close a contract for one million pesos (about $92,000). Do you think I'm happy, or that I support these bastards?" said Enrique Salas, an insurance broker who was one of thousands forced to walk to work along Reforma.

The protest is likely to last for weeks, since the judge's ruling will not come until August 31. But what is the Democratic Revolution Party doing about the situation, and the economic strain it is creating on the country's capitol? NOTHING!

Local police could break up the protests but that is unlikely as the city and its police force are run by Lopez Obrador's Party of the Democratic Revolution. He was mayor until he stepped down last year to run for president.

I'll remind you again that Obrador lost the election by 244,000 votes, and a new discovery states that the European Union found NO EVIDENCE of fraud in the election, and that Lopez has done this before.

The protest was similar to one that Lopez Obrador called in 1994 after he lost the Tabasco governor's race, allegedly because of fraud. Those demonstrations, which lasted weeks, undermined the already weak administration of Roberto Madrazo, who finished a distant third in July's presidential race.

Seems like liberals are sore losers all over the world. (And as a side note...If Al Gore had actually carried his own state, he would have won)