Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2008 RNC Located

The site for the 2008 Republican National Convention has been decided. And the winner is:

Minneapolis-St. Paul

Wow...that was very anti-climactic. Even though the mid-west has become a very important battleground area, nothing beated the GOP decision to go for the juggular and take on the Blue Capitol, New York City while Dems took the safe route and cowered in the Royal Blue stronghold of Boston.

I wonder how many Dem fans were lost in NYC due to the fact that they held the convention in the most hated city of New Yorkers. And vice versa in Boston for holding the RNC in NYC.

Nashville almost had a slight glimmer of hope. They threw their name in the hat, but with an arena that can't hold many people, and not enough support from Democrat heads in the city, the effort failed.

The DNC however, has yet to decide where they are going to hold their convention, but leading candidates are Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New Orleans, Seattle. I'm putting my money on New Orleans. I will watch it just to see Ray Nagin single handedly destroy the Democrat's chances at winning in '08.

*UPDATE* Well, at least The Captain is excited about it