Thursday, September 21, 2006

Breaking News from Hot Air

I've been a bit slow on reporting news lately due to a VERY hectic class schedule. I may only be taking 15 hours, but in Engineering where you have an hour or more of homework in each class, it takes a lot of your time. I just saw this on Hot Air, and decided it was worth regurgitating.

Bill: Now, you say that the CIA broke 14 top Al-Queda members. 14, is that correct?

Ross: They have 14 high value leaders they have kept in secret prisons and they have used these coercive techniques. They have a whole

[Can't tell]

B: On all 14?

R: On all 14

B: OK, this is Khalid Sheik Mohammad, Ramzi Binalshibh, uh, Zubedah, all these guys. So, all 14 were coerced, and the worst thing they did to them, according to your report was waterboarding.

R: Right. That is the most harshest of the treatments. That is where you put a man upside down, and they put cellophane or a clothe over his mouth. They pour water, and it gives the impression that the person is drowning. Some people liken it to a mock execution. It is very tough to withstand. When the CIA officers who are trained in the interrogations go through it themselves, some of them couldn't last more than 35 40 seconds.

B: Now the waterboarding broke all of these guys?

R: Not in every case. Some even before they got to that point.

B: Some when they kept them up or played loud music, or they kept them in a cold room...

R: They start with a slap, or a slap on the chest, and then the cold room, sleep deprivation, which seems to be the most effective, but for some the water boarding is what it took.
Mohammad was the longest lasting at about 2 1/2 minutes. The rest were much before that. About 20 or 30 seconds. I agree with Hot air that hearing about one of these cold blooded terrorists breaking down is good to hear them get off of their soap-box.

Information that was given up:
Names of other terrorists
Addresses of top Al-Queda members here, in the Middle East, and in Europe
Information on a planned attack on the tallest building in Los Angeles
More than a dozen other plots foiled from the information

On top of that the people who are Ross' sources DO NOT LIKE the techniques themselves, but admit that THEY DO WORK.