Thursday, September 28, 2006

HWC Football Week 4 Preview

I was strolling through my fantasy football ranks, which I am doing horribly at outside of the family and friends league. And I remembered, It's Thursday! It's Week 4 Preview time!

Tax Dodgers vs. Hot Wing Chump-ion
This has family written all over it. In week 2 I faced off against my brother, The Man, and now this week I get to lock helmets with my own dad. It looks like this one will be a struggle for me as Vegas has me scoring less than 30 points. However with the Dodgers averaging only about 45 points per match and two players on byes, this game may be closer than expected. Ahman Green is one of the Dodgers corner stones and as the Pack goes into Philly, and that gravy train may just derail. This one is a toss up, and I think I'm going to have to claim it as a 40-40 tie.

I Hate Hillary vs Robots Eat Babies
I smell a stinky foot, and I think it's going to be The Man's after he breaks it off in IHH's rear end. As much as I'd love to see my brother lose, I can't go against the fact that he does have a very strong team this year. I think Manning and Wayne are going to team up for at least one score, and Houshman....something is going to be Palmer's go-to endzone guy again this week. Look for The Man to win this one handily 65-45.

bRight & Early vs fmragtops' spewers
fm overshot vegas by a whopping 16 points in week 3, but then again, The Man overshot it by 21. fm is the highest scoring 0-3 team by 5 points over me, but bRight is the highest scoring 2-1 team at 176 points, and I should know. I got spanked by him last week. The only game he lost was by 3 points to the Dodgers. Look for fm to have an 0-4 record as bRight wins this one 75-60.

San Jose Arrowheads vs RFTR (BLOWOUT ALERT!!)
With San Jose racking up the first 100 point game as early as week 3. Last season the first 100 point game wasn't until week 6 when Bentley beat Wyatt 100-62. Not only is this going to be another solid week for the Arrowheads, but it's going to shoot RFTR way down the rankings since he currently has 5 players on his roster of 11 offensive players out this week. RFTR is one point out of last place, and I think after this week he will be the bottom of the barrel,even though San Jose lost Shaun Alexander to a broken foot. San Jose to win this one 75-30.

Rose Hill Reddogs vs webcats
Poor Reddog can't get his ducks strait if they were lined up in a tube. Even though his team is 2-1, he has the lowest points per game average of anyone in the league at 36. His wins came in a 48-35 win over fm and a 33-20 win over RFTR. The loss was a 56-25 routing by IHH. He dropped Cedrick Houston and Brandon Lloyd in hopes of getting some better stats, but things may not work out exactly as he would like. He picked up Green Bay's defence and Eric Johnson of the 49er's. I don't know about this game. But I can't think that the dogs will come out of here with more than a .500 record. Webcats will win this one 45-30.

The Columbia Crunch vs Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc
Columbia is officially blowing the Cardinal name in baseball, and I think I'm going to go with the same prediction I had last week, "Well, The CRUNCH have started off pretty hot, but let's see how long the luck can last. In baseball the luck ran all the way until about week 22 then it cut and ran like a California Liberal when it got down to the wire...Since it's early in the season, I think I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to CRUNCH with a 60-50 win."

The Ball Sackers vs Gumbo
Wyatt has impressed me with an average of 63 points per game this season, which is slightly off from his 68 ppg last season, but consistancy is the key to championships. However, Wyatt is scoring better this season than he was up until week 3 last season. He has 191 points this go around compared to 178 last year. Just watch out Wyatt, come week 6 you may have to face your demons when you face the wooks, and in week 10 vs San Jose. Gumbo, there's nothing much to say about your team except they're going to lose to the steamrolling Sackers 65-40.

Hector Vex O-Trons vs Gridiron Wookies
Vex played the roll of Giant Killer last week in an impressive 70-41 win over the Dodgers. Up until week 2, Vex had scored all of 59 points, then smashed that in one week. Wookies are facing some tough matchups this week, many of his guys are facing Da Bearsss, who are 3-0 and have only let a total of 23 points against them in these past 3 weeks. I think Vegas is off on this game and look for Vex to upset again this week 50-40.

Yahoo! Vegas Lines (Home - spread - away, winner in bold):
Hot Wing Chump-ion - 12 - Tax Dodgers
Robots Eat Babies - 14 - I Hate Hillary
bRight & Early - 2 - fmragtops' spewers
RFTR - 18 - San Jose Arrowheads webcats - 27 - Rose Hill Reddogs
Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc - 5 - The Columbia CRUNCH
Gumbo - 18 - The Ball Sackers
Hector Vex O-Trons - 4 - Gridiron Wookies

The Week 4 recap is still in the works, right now it looks as though it will be at Public Figures Beware, but that may change.