Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just In Amnesty International Cries Foul On Hezbollah

Amnesty International has introduced a comprehensive report accusing a terrorist group of war crimes.In utter defiance of the predominant American left, European and United Nations view that Israel engaged in gross war crimes against civilians and freedom fighters in Lebanon, Amnesty International has announced that in its opinion, Hezbollah is guilty of war crimes. Hezbollah purposefully and indiscriminately targeted Israeli civilians. - Boston Herald

Hezbollah is accused of firing 4,228 rockets into Israel, targeting ONLY civilians. Some or most rockets were filled with ball bearings, intended to inflict as many civilian casualties as possible. The picture at left is a solid steel guard rail with the bearings lodged into it. Either way, just think what an impact like that would do to your flesh. Not to mention that the effective radius of the bearings is around 600 meters.

On top of that I believe that they should be accused of using civilians as a military shield by firing rockets from civilian locations.

Some quotes about the bearings:

“I saw ball bearings lodged in the concrete. Another one easily went from one side of a car right through to the other side. This was a French-made car with thick metal. That was 150 meters away from where the rocket blew up. This ball bearing had the power of a powerful bullet —— like an M-16 rifle, at least.” - Lenny Maschkowski

"If you are close and get hit by many ball bearings, you end up like a sieve. If you are very far away, and you only get hit by a few, it would be like suffering bullet injuries.” - Lenny Maschkowski

“If you wanted to bring down a building, you would make a weapon with a heavier blast. You wouldn’t bother with the balls inside that don’t do much harm to buildings, just to people." - Dr. Eran Tal-Or, Surgical Emergency Room director at Haifa’s Ramban Hospital