Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HWC Football Week 2 Preview

It's only Tuesday, but I'm ready for a preview of this week's fantasy football action. Let's take a look at how the 16 teams in HWC Football will line up this week:

Robots Eat Babies v. Hot Wing Chump-ion
This game has Sibling Rivalry written all over it. With a Hot Wing record of 4-1, with an additional win in Week one of our family league, I'm very hopful for this week's game. However, with a staggering defense, and shaky legs, my Chumps may just be that. Manning is predicted to take 21 points this week,and normally I would say that's a lie since a great offense vs a bad defense will run the ball like crazy. However last season vs the Texans, he got that much, and then some. This one won't be pretty. I think I'm gonig to go 0-2 after this week. Robots take it 60-50.

Tax Dodgers v bRight & Early
The old man took the win over Gumbo last week, but I think bRight will be just that much too tough for him. As I said last week, the Dodgers are relying on older players that may have crested their career hill last season. bRight will take this one 50-45.

San Jose Arrowheads v. fmragtops' spewers (Blow-Out Warning!)
FM is playing with a batch of nobodys. After Vanderjagt was kicked from Indy, he hasn't played in Dallas, and half of fm's team gained 0 points last week. San Jose on the other hand stuck it to my chumps. Look for San Jose to win this one big. 70-35.

Rose Hill Reddogs v. I Hate Hillary
The Red Dog looked a little stale vs fm with 4 goose eggs, but I think that the week one jitters are out of the way, however Hillary is trying to fight with an player on the Injured Reserve list. Not too wise of a strategy there. One line comes to mind when I see that. "What are you gonna do? Bleed on me?!" Reddogs to take this one to the bank 55-35.

The Columbia CRUNCH v RFTR
Hey R, doesn't it suck to play the highest scoring team that week? This season has been a complete turn around from last season. The two teams who won the first six weeks in a row last season are quickly smacked to the lower half of the standings. RFTR has his QB coming back this week, but with the stacking like the Cardinals have, it's hard to give RFTR a 1-1 record after week 2. Cardinals to take this one 60-55.

The Ball Sackers v webcats (Blow-Out Warning!)
Wyatt is 2-0 vs. the cats, and after scoring an impressive 75 points in week one, it's hard to not see Wyatt being at least as good as he was last season. Last week, Yahoo under rated 5 of his 10 players, and OVER-rated 6 of the cat's players. I think this wek won't be any different. Look for this to be the other contender for Blow-out of Week 2. Wyatt takes this one 65-35.

Gridiron Wookies v Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc
Wookies will face their first football challenge this week, as they face the streaking Wolf. Eli is predicted to get all of 3 points for Wolf, but when they said that many last week, he came back with 12 points. Vegas shows Wolf losing, but I think Vegas is crazy. Wolf wins this one 55-50.

And now for the season's first "Biggest Loser" matchup
Hector Vex O-Trons v Gumbo
These two combined for a total of 56 points last week, and are 14th and 15th only ahead of my Chumps. Neither team has any great stars, and it doesn't look like they care. This may come down to who actually looks at their team. I think Vex will take this one 40-35, because Gumbo will have no QB.

Now that we've seen my predictions, let's see how Vegas ranks them.

Robots Eat Babies - 19 - Hot Wing Chump-ion
Tax Dodgers - 1 - bRight & Early
San Jose Arrowheads - 29 - fmragtops' spewers
Rose Hill Reddogs - 2 - I Hate Hillary
The Columbia Crunch - 14 - RFTR
webcats - 2 - The Ball Sackers
Mr Wolf Cleaning SVC - 18 - Gridiron Wookies
Gumbo - 3 - Hector Vex O-Trons

Stick here friends. The week 2 Recap is right here at GOP and College, and will likely be posted Tuesday or Wed. afternoon.

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