Friday, September 01, 2006

Truely Disgusting...

Behold world...Suri Cruise's first crap.

You know with all of the "Is Suri real ordeal", I'd halfway be willing to see if there really was anything in the bronze, or if it were a total fake.

Either way, I agree with Ace:
Tom Cruise is an obsessed idiot.

H/T: Ace

P.S. As Ace noted it's being sold on E-bay to benifit the March of dimes with this side note:

Q:Is this Suri's actual poop which has been fully encased in bronze? Or is it an artist's sculpted impression of her first poop? Aug-30-06
A:Unfortunately, organic material burns in the heat required to cast bronze. Therefore, Daniel Edwards rendered her first solid defecation as close to the artistic eye as possible.

The plot thickens. Is Suri real? Or made up?