Saturday, October 28, 2006

Corker-Ford Debate Recap

Well, I had planned to attend the debate in person, but by the time I got downtown, parked the car, and got to the building they had locked the doors. I was a bit pissed to say the least. But I returned to the car to listen to the debate on the way home. I can sum up their opening statements in one sentance for each candidate.
Ford: It's time for a change.
Corker: I'm a true Tennessean, vote for me.

The first couple questions dealt with Iraq, and terrorism. Ford I will admit had a plan other than the typical Cut and Run idea of other Dems, but the fact that the plan he was talking about is the brain-child of Joe Biden makes me a bit suspect of the intentions. Corker's stance was that of the Republican Party line. Don't leave until the job is done, and that the high ranking Democrats want to bail out ASAP.

Here is what I noted about the debate, and the rebuttals which I felt needed to be stated.

The first one was about Ford's statement about what he would do when he first got into office. He stated that he would make sure there was a balanced budget without the "horrible" deficit that this year has produced.
But Harold, this year's budget deficit is DOWN 14% from last year, and down about 40% from what Bush predicted in February of this year. It is projected to be $250 Bil, compared to the projected $423 Bil predicted in February, and $46 Bil lower than the $296 Bil projection that was given just 4 months ago. The deficit is also about $60 Bil below last years deficit of $319 Bil., and $160 Bil. below the record set in 2004 at $419 Bil. What caused this? The Bush tax cuts giving larger tax revanue for the 2006 fiscal year as businesses are doing better. If the budget stays on it's course, then the U.S. will have a Budget surplus for the year 2008, and continue to be a surplus if Republicans maintain the White House, and the tax breaks.

He then announced that he would pust to increase minimum wage immediately, but I have one question for Mr. Ford. What do you call minimum wage after you raise it? Answer: It's still Minimum wage.

Harold Ford also stated that he would cut the budget spending by reducing Pork Barrell Projects.
You're too late on that one Harry. The Republicans already tried that with the line item veto, but your Democrat friends in D.C, and libs around the U.S. don't want it. I will give Ford credit that he crossed the line with 34 other Dems and voted wisely for the line item veto in the House. However, the bill is yet to be voted on in the senate, and it is expected to be very brutally opposed by Democrats.

One thing about Ford is he states that while in Congress he has voted for the side he feels is the most logical. That's all good and dandy, but Harold, you're looking to move up to the Senate. Where partisan politics are Cut-Throat when it comes to the Democrat opposition. Just look at the campaign that was given against Joe Lieberman in CT. Lieberman stepped away from the party line to vote what he felt was right, and he got the cold shoulder from his constituants.

Another thing that Ford pointed to was the 6 year majority that the Republicans have held since Bush took office. Although the house has held a decent majority, in the senate, for some time it was a 50-49-1 lead, with the lone independant being a self proclaimed Socialist. Hardly a ideological majority if you ask me.

Then there were the times when Harold used his one liners in his advertisments and tried to use his play on (lying) words as facts. For example. He tried to tell TN citizens that Bob Corker was still "Do Nothing" Don Sundquist's Financial Advisor when the State Income Tax was brought in to play a few years ago.
However, Corker reminded Tennesseans the REAL fact was that he was only his advisor for the first 18 months of Sundquist's FIRST term. The state income tax didn't come into play until AFTER Sundquist was elected 2 1/2 years later. He then razzed Ford on the fact that he went to attend a party with Democrat Bob Rochelle, a.k.a. "The Architect of the TN State Income Tax."

The debate was impressive, and I felt like neither opponent really answered the questions as they should have, but while Ford offered one big haymaker with claiming that Corker hired illegal immigrants (The sub-contractor actually hired the people, and after Corker found out they were removed), but Corker landed two solid blows with the come backer about the Income Tax, as well as a big hook when he stated that Democrats have spent 3.5 times the money on advertisement, adn that Corker has asked to remove 2 advertisements that he did not feel were proper. I've got to say that this would go up as a judges decision, and I'll give Corker a 8-7 W on this one simply for landing an extra haymaker.

The News Channel 5 Review as well as the Video of the event can be found here.