Thursday, October 26, 2006

HWC Football Week 8 Preview

I slacked off last week and never got around to the preview for week 7, however, if you'd like to see the results, head over to GOP and the City for them. But none the less, here we go!

Hot Wing Chump-ions vs webcats
I'm at a loss of words. I went into week 7 pretty confident and got burned. The week looks pretty tough for me too, and I hate to say it, but I think I'm going to go 0-7-1. webcats to K.O. me 60-50.

Robots Eat Babies vs Gumbo
Gumbo has Trent Green in a sQB since Matt Lienart was excused this week to go see his baby boy. How sweet. Only that the mother and Matt broke up about the time he graduated in December of 2005. Looks like The Man has this one wrapped up since Gumbo has 2 byes in play as well as some injured players. I've got to go with REB 60-40.

Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc vs bRight & Early
bRight has got to be feeling the fact that Hasselback is out and has the struggling Alex Smith from San Fran. I've got to admit, Wolf is on the up side, he posted a 1000% gain in week 7 over his 2 points in week 6. This game may just swing towards Wolf....Aww who am I kidding bRight 50-40.

RFTR vs fmragtop's spewers
After going 6-0 before getting his first loss las season, RFTR went just teh opposite this season going 6 losses before his first W. Watch for Chicago's defense this week to be the big play maker for fm, as spewers get the win, 50-35.

Tax Dodgers vs . I Hate Hillary
Talk about some crappy matchups. None of these two teams are expected to have any stellar performances from their players. Averaging a few yards and maybe a score for most. But putting Drew Brees in against Baltimore instead of Pennington at Cleveland. That's gonna come back to bite you in the tail pops. IHH to take the upset 48-45.

San Jose Arrowheads vs Hector Vex O-Trons
Vex has been on a winning streak and it looks like San Jose's luck finally ran out in week 7, just like RFTR's last season. It doesn't look too good for the arrowheads if history repeats itself. Both teams are slated to score big, but I don't think it's going to happen for San Jose. I think Vex will steal another win, 60-55.

Rose Hill Reddogs vs Gridiron Wookies
It's time for Wookies to step up and rip off some arms. The Dogs have 4 players who are projected to score a big fat nothing, and one or two more will probably do the same on top of that. This looks to be a battle of the defenses as there sure won't be many points put on the board. Wookies to take this one 35-20.

The Ball Sackers vs The Columbia CRUNCH
Wyatt vs. Safety Man. Wyatt upset Columbia both times in HWC Baseball this season, and I think he's going to do it again. Live up first place while you can Crunch. It may be over soon. And if that's the case, and the scores go as I predict, the gunslinger will take back his throne, and possibly never look back. I'll take Wyatt on this one, 65-55.

And now for the Yahoo! Vegas Lines! (Home - Spread - Visitor, Winner in bold)

Hot Wing Chump-ion - 1 - webcats
Robots Eat Babies - 24 - Gumbo
bRight & Early - 5 - Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc
fmragtop's spewers - 5 - RFTR
I Hate Hillary - 2 - Tax Dodgers
Hector Vex O-Trons - 6 - San Jose Arrowheads
Gridiron Wookies - 7 - Rose Hill Reddogs
The Ball Sackers - 2 - The Columbia CRUNCH

Look to John of Your Cake, Or Death! for the recap this week. Next week the weekly recap comes back home to GOP and College.