Saturday, October 07, 2006

HWC Football Week 5 Preview

It may be a bit late, but it's still Week 5 Preview time. Let's take a look at the games this week.

Hot Wing Chump-ions vs fmragtop's spewers
This game's got Win written all over the Chumps, and I hate to say it fm, but it looks like you'll be 0-5 after this week. He does have some good matchups though, like Marvin Harrison vs. the horrid Titans, and Daaa Bearsss vs. The Bills. But Jeff Wilkins at Green Bay may just be the key player in this game. Chumps win this one 50-40.

RFTR vs Robots Eat Babies (BLOWOUT WARNING!)
One thing will tell the outcome of this game, Manning in Nashville. Being a die-hard Vols fan, nothing would have made me happier than the Titans giving up McNair to pick up Manning all those years ago. Manning always looks to stick it to Jeff Fisher as he averages 275 yards and 2 TDs' per game. This game may reset the MOV record. Robots will win this handilly 80-25.

I Hate Hillary vs. bRight & Early
This will be a grudge matc has Donovan McNabb will be helping IHH by sticking it to T.O. with plenty of passes to the endzone. Look for Westbrook to also be a key player for bRight, and Alex Smith to rip apart the Raiders. I think bRight will still win this in a close one. bRight 65-60.

webcats vs. San Jose Arrowheads
Cats have a habit of being Bad, then good, bad then good, and this week looks like a bad one. San Jose had a REALLY ugly week that almost cost them a win, but fortunately for him, RFTR sucked worse. Then again this is going to be a tough week for San Jose. He's been afflicted with Bye-Week Syndrome and Injur-itis. San Jose should still win this one 50-30.

Rose Hill Reddogs vs. Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc
Rose hill has only had one game where they scored more than 35 points, and Wolf is averaging about 50 points per game. This doesn't bode well for the Dogs at all. The only thing keeping The Dog's hopes alive are the fact that Wolf has 2 injured starters. However that still won't be enough for him to out play the Wolves. Wolf wins this one 45-35.

The Columbia Crunch vs Gumbo
Gumbo is coming off of a tough loss to Wyatt after a great game over the Wookies, but The Cardinals are rolling like a 5 ton steam roller over his opponents. This will be a close game, but I think that Crunch will be 5-0 after this week. Crunch wins it 65-60.

The Ball Sackers vs Hector Vex O-Trons
Ball Sackers have been extremely consistant, and up until last week were the only hope to topple San Jose. However, Wyatt averaging 65 points per game have set this last week just made this a 3 team race. Hector has been on a constant rise of performance going from a less htan 60 points in the first game to over 120 the next 2. This could be a very tough game for tha Sackers if something goes wrong. This one will be close, but I think Wyatt will keep his undefeated record. The Ball Sackers win 70-65.

Tax Dodgers vs. Gridiron Wookies
The Dodgers started off hot, but then have wavered in hte past few weeks with a loss to Vex, and a tie to the Chumps. This may be a bad sign of things to come for teh Dodgers as the Wookies continue to average 55-60 ppg. Wookies will take this one 65-45.

And now it's time for the infamous Yahoo! Vegas Lines:
Hot Wing Chump-ion - 11 - fmragtop's spewers
Robots Eat Babies - 42 - RFTR
bRight & Early - 12 - I Hate Hillary
webcats - 10 - San Jose Arrowheads
Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc - 4 - Rose Hill Reddogs
Gumbo - 11 - The Columbia CRUNCH
Hector Vex O-Trons - 7 - The Ball Sackers
Gridiron Wookies - 8 - Tax Dodgers

OK, THIS week has been set to be at Public Figures Beware. Mr. Pigg had scheduling conflicts that prevented him from donig last weeks.