Wednesday, November 22, 2006

HWC Football Week 12 Preview

It's getting to be crunch time in HWC football. There's only a few weeks remaining in the season, and I'm still at the bottom of the barrel.

Let's look at this week's games.

Hot Wing Chump-Ions vvs Gridiron Wookies:
Tony Romo has been on a pretty big tear lately, and the fact that he is in Tampa Bay this week is not something to make me sleep easy. I'm thinking about the only way I can pull this one out is if Romo pulls a McNabb. The Man pointed out that I need to win at least 2 of the last 3 games in the regular season to prevent being the laughing stock of the HWC league, but with my matchups being Wookies, Ball Sackers, then Arrowheads, I feel like the Fighting Illini. Wookies are going to take this one, 70-40.

The Columbia CRUNCH vs Robots Eat Babies:
Peyton Manning hosted The Titans with a projected amazing game, but pulled up lame. Philly's team is devestated after the loss of McNabb due to a torn ACL. The equalizer is supposed to be Larry Johnson, but the Chiefs are hosting the incredibly stingy Denver Broncos. Larry got 123 yards in the last meeting with Denver, but failed to get the money. I think Johnson will do the same as te previous meet, and unless Tom Brady can exploit the collapsing Bears, it may cost CRUNCH the win. REB to win, 60-55.

The Ball Sackers vs. bRight & Early:
Steven Jackson against the 49ers, and Matt Hasselback's return against the Packers. Only one problem in my book. That's great for bRight, not Wyatt. Looks like the Sackers forgot to cover their own nuts, as they are gonig to extend their backwards slide to 1-6 for their last 7 after this week. bRight will win this one 60-50.

fmragtop's spewers vs Hector Vex O-Trons:
I don't know which is more of a threat to this match, how over rated Jake Delhomme is, or how under rated Josh Scobee is. Jake scored an impressive -7 last week against the Steelers, while Scobee racked up 15 against the Giants. fm might be my ticket out of the hole, if I haven't gotten myself too far down. Hector takes another one, 55-40.

Gumbo vs I hate Hillary: (BLOWOUT ALERT!)
Gumbo had better lose. 3 Players on Gumbo who are still inactive, and with Marc Bulger facing the 49ers at home, this game's set. Gumbo, you're going to get out of your team exactly what you put in it. NOTHING. IhH to win this one handily, 60-20.

Buck Turgidson vs RFTR:
The hardest part about moving up is if you win, the other teams have to lose. Unfortunately, fm, Buck, Reddog, and RFTR have all been winning as well. Fortunately though in this matchup, one has to lose. I think Big Ben's wonder streak is going to stop when the Ravens pick his corpse clean this week, however Tiki will be there to pick up the slack in Nashville. This one's gonna be close, but I want RFTR to win this one, since I'm over Buck in points, and Vegas agrees. RFTR to win, 45-40.

Tax Dodgers vs webcats:
The Dodgers hopes at coming into the playoffs are looking slim, as LT is the head running back for the cats. Tomlinson vs. the Raiders. This game is going to be so sickening I don't even want to know the stats. webcats are going to lay the smack down, 70-50.

San Jose Arrowheads vs. Rose Hill Reddogs:
San Jose is locked into the playoffs already, and from the looks of it Rose Hill isn't going to be much of a challenge for their 10th win. The only spoilers would be a a bad game for Favre, and another game like last week for Chad Johnson. I don;t think lighting will strike twice though. San Jose wil win, 55-40.

Vegas is closed for the Holidays, but I will have the spreads up before Sunday in a seperate post, along with updated scores after Thursday's games.