Monday, January 29, 2007

The State Of The Students

It's no wonder that a gross portion of the American youth can name most of the American Idol winners, but can't name the last 6 united states presidents. I'm the complete opposite. I know Kelly Clarkson won American Idol one year, but could care less about the others. On teh other hand I can recall the presidents in order backwards from G.W. to Eisenhower.

Need more proof at how poorly the youth is being educated about our Government? Just look to connecting*the*dots:
While the soldier’s wife vented, a huge group of punk rock kids walked over the grassy knoll to the right of the steps, chanting different things at different times — though I have to say the funniest was, “To the Capitol! To the Capitol! (followed by the guy in the lead with “Dude, where’s the Capitol?)

We were standing right in front of it.
That's just sad. And it begs the question, "If they don't even know you're standing in front of the most important legislative building in the country, how much do they really know/care about the situation in Iraq?"