Tuesday, September 11, 2007

These Crimes Are Disgusting To Begin With...

But I can't seem to get out of my head how fast this story is going to pick up steam, and sheds light on how the MSM really does seem to pick and choose headlines based on racial affairs.

This story has broken mere days at the latest, if not hours after the incident occurred, however the rape and murder of a couple from Knoxville picked up zero attention for nearly 5 months with a reversal of the roles.

And this is not the only case. Watch this story progress, and although it likely will not pan out in the same way as the Duke case did, expect the public reaction from "leaders" like Al Sharpton to be the same.

I must say though, I find the actions of the criminals in WV to be unbelievably appalling. I believe that everyone is given by God the same opportunities to succeed as everyone else, but what they choose to do with that opportunity determines their fate. These vile, ignorant, racist, hate-mongers treat African Americans like the scum on their shoe, and frankly I myself would love to walk up to them with a 2x4 and smack some sense into them. A crime like that is inexcusable, and they should get the absolute harshest punishment available.