Thursday, September 13, 2007

Victory Is Mine!

I defeated my brother (again) in week 1 of the HWC Football league. This puts my overall record against him up to 7-3 after 2 wins this season in Baseball, and another win in football this week. Mwahahaha!

Oh, and I am pwning (yes I said pwning) the CRAP out of The Man in the Futility league. It is a rotisserie league where we just rack up points, and I have an almost 1200 point lead over TM in 2nd place after being down by some 700 or so at midpoint.

I'm also closing in quick on Wyatt and The Godfather Wyatt's NASCAR league. I gained 119 points on 2nd place Wyatt, and 71 points on Godfather. Technically, I'm in 5th right now 272 points out, but the way Yahoo shows it, I'm in second only 64 points from the point (because I ran my drivers for the Daytona 500 and it counted my 208 points even though I had left the league) and I am charging, FAST. I've gained 214 points on the leader in just 4 weeks.

Bring it.

As a side note, I'm heading to Memphis the weekend to catch my 3rd installment of the NHRA Mid-South Nationals at Memphis Motorsport Park. However, Hurricane Humberto may soggy up my plans for the night racing Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday are set to be AMAZING!