Friday, October 26, 2007

I Rock!

My letter to the editor of Tennessee Tech's Paper, The Oracle, got printed!

The letter was in response to one of the editorialist's article about how a square pizza had a serving size of 1/5th the pizza, and he wanted an Engineering student to explain how to evenly slice the pizza. He then went on to talk about how it related to the Bush Administration and how there were no WMD's in Iraq.

Here's the letter.

Here’s how you slice a pizza into 5 pieces. Make 5 evenly spaced strips.

Or if you wanted to do it the hard way, take the length of one side and call that x. The perimeter is 4*x. Now divide that by 5 to find the length of crust for each piece. Make a point and then measure following the crust (4*x)/5 away to the next point. Keep repeating until you’ve made all 5 points.

Next starting from the center cut to each point. Math will prove that all the sections have the same area and the same crust length.

Also here’s a list of WMD’s either found in Iraq after the invasion in 2003 or were admitted to being produced by Iraqi officials in 2002, BEFORE we invaded;

At least 500 shells filled with mustard and sarin nerve agent

Admitted by officials in 2002;
3.9 tons of VX gas, but could have produced up to 200 tons 1/100 gram on the skin is fatal
Iraq admitted to manufacturing 790 tons of sarin nerve agent
Between 2,850 and 3,080 tons of mustard gas
Iraq admitted to making 2,200 gallons of Anthrax spores
520 Gallons of Aflatoxin, a chemical that causes liver cancer
5,300 gallons of BoTox placed in missile warheads. If inhaled in gas form, 1.42 x 10^ -11 of a gram is fatal

But I’m not holding my breath that either the list of WMD’s found, or this letter are going to be published.


Sr. ME