Thursday, October 18, 2007

News To See

First off, the case that Rush is selling with the original papers of Harry Reid trying to get Rush Limbaugh fired are on sale for just under another 24 hours.

The last bid was at over $131,000!! Every penny of that money is going to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. On top of that, Rush is going to match that dollar amount himself. So already, the MC-LEF is going to get a check for $262,000.

PLUS, Rush has sent invites to each of the signers to also match the donations. Not surprisingly, none of the democrats have agreed to donate.

*UPDATE* The final bid was by a Betty Casey at $2,100,100. Rush is going to match every penny of that, giving a total of $4,200,200 to the MC-LEF. That is amazing.

Secondly, the New York Times had a massive sell off of 10.4 million (7.4% stake) shares which dropped the stock to a 20 year low. The AP credits the price drop to readers leaving the paper to go to internet sources. I've been watching the NYT steadily decline from over $50 per share in the 2002-2004, as numerous accounts of bias in the paper leaked out.