Friday, October 26, 2007

YAF Interviews Left Wing Smear Artist

Be sure to watch the video at Hot Air. Jason Mattera caught up with Adam Kokesh, the guy who organized this smear against the YAF at George Washington University. In there he readily uses the term for an Islamic radical as a "Fascist Extremist," but still denounces the use of the term Islamo-fascist by public speakers.

On top of that, Just off the presses, Mere Rhetoric has shown that he is at it again with his fliers. This one claiming that Japan was about to surrender before the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb (Japan rejected the US offer to surrender 10 days before the bombing), that there has been a mass round-up of Arab-Americans, and the "torture" at Abu-Ghraib, all of which were caused by racism in fliers he posted at David Horowitz's "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"

And as HA explains, it's no surprise who Kokesh supports for president in 2008. And as of now, there is no word on what actions have been taken by the school for the smear against the YAF. The president wrote a letter about the incident, but did not mention that the Iraq Veterans Agianst The War were the organization who created the fliers.